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Distributer big-cola company page in English.

) The money we need for our company will be 30 million dollars is the value of a product mutated big-tail and a capital of 20 million to subsidize loading, transportation, and maintenance employees. 2) would be obtained either from savings (capital) or a loan. 3) We will use it for investment and distribution of the product. 4) It is programmed to retrieve the money after about seven months. 5) Our income will see by the number of products that we distributed, is almost equal to or greater than 5 million in revenue per month. 6) The principal cost will be: - Utilities (water, electricity, telephone) Employee-paid -Transport Daily-life (food, housing) etc. 7) Our profit will increasingly sell (distribute) so we will have the satisfaction of the client prefers us as a distributor. Posted by Regional Quality at a fair price at 20:08 0 comments Operation of our company 1) We believe that our company is the best location in the commercial sector, where the public have on hand to find your products when needed. 2) The arrangements we make to our business are improving our quality, service and image for the company to grow with excellence and performance. 3) We need good transportation and eficasez, with which we can distribute quickly and secure. 4) Have administration of what is happening with our company 5) The merchandise is a valuable commodity to be preserved, therefore be arranged so that the fence be expected not to have any problems with this. example: - Organize in order of due date (taking into account the date) - Put it in a cool and safe. - Handle with care. 6) Our ads will be those that have to do with special offers and promotions for our clients Big-cola (: 7) The bone is collaborative support team, every performance in office is vital for the proper functioning of our company. 8) Our products are purchased directly from manufactures brought by herself. for us to distribute. 9) The conservation of what we place our furniture according to their size: staff, liter, mega and other products surrounding the big branded cola as cifrut juices, tea gatorade Sporades and cool. in their respective warehouses. Posted by Regional Quality at a fair price at 19:18 0 comments Friday July 30, 2010 Mercadotenia Our customers will be those having business q: - Stores - Supermarkets - Big tail outlets - Restaurants - Bars ... etc! the great responsibility which we llevera fulfill and deliver on time when they need it. 2) are located at: - People - Sidewalks - Cities whatever their location will be delivered our products. 3) Generally, each sector is divided by neighborhoods, they assume we stay easier time finding the place or business. will be between 40-50 Clent by sector. 4) usually buy the big-liter cola staff and all its flavors. 5) With a frequency of 2-3 times per week. 6) I called attention to the economy of the product and its incredible taste, why they buy, sell and consume. 7) The purchased in bales. each bale contains the number of bottles: Paca-staff: x 24 unids. Paca-liter: unids x 8 or 12. Mega-paca: x 6 unids. 8) prefer all our products in their sizes and flavors diferntes .. our customers already know what their customers like. 9) Our products are made known through advertising and marketing. So our customers were satisfied that it is a safe and reliable. Posted by Regional Quality at a fair price at 13:54 0 comments Tuesday June 8, 2010 CHARACTERISTICS OF THE COMPANY An important feature of the BIG-Cola company is the high level of concentration, despite the high number of companies. STORAGE AND TRANSPORT: the platforms are sorted before being loaded into trucks who is responsible for distributing to distributors BIG-COLA from their point of sale. Posted by Regional Quality at a fair price at 5:46 0 comments Thursday June 3, 2010 SMALL BUSINESS FEATURES: COLLABORATIVE WORK ... - LEADERSHIP: Joaquin Diaz - Community: Wendy Serrano - Props: Angelika Mancilla -Organizer: Julian Carvajal Posted by Regional Quality at a fair price at 17:21 0 comments SMALL BUSINESS Posted by Regional Quality at a fair price at 17:21 0 comments Tuesday May 25, 2010 PHILOSOPHY * Make business, looking good * To offer the consumer a product at a fair price * Ensure compliance with the highest standards of quality

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